How to Change table visual via a slicer

Hi Team,

I have a slicer which has 4 values like New ,old ,expire etc.

and 2 table visulas to show detailed data

when i select New value in slicer the related data values must show in “table1 visual”
and remaining 3 values when i select it should show it in Table 2 visual.

How to achive this scenario in power bi.Kindly assist


Here’s one way to do this:

  1. create a disconnected supporting table containing your desired slicer values, in this case

Disconnected Employer Table = VALUES( Employee[Employer] )

  1. create a measure like this:

    Invert Slicer =

    MAX( Employees[Employer]) IN ALLSELECTED( ‘Disconnected Employer List’[Employer] ),

In one copy of the visual, set your filter pane condition for that visual like this:

And for the other visual, set up the same way but with the value equal to 0

Now, whatever you select in the slicer, the second table will show the opposite results of the first.

I hope this is helpful. Full solution file posted below.

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