How to calculate actual amount after subtract Credit Memos?

here is my relationship between tables. I want product wise actual amount after minus credit memo from the sales invoice amount. i created a custom column in data view but this process giving wrong values. how to do that ? for the card value i can in total amount but i need product wise actual value.
for example :- a product sales amount (Table 1:- Sales Invoice Lines) is 9000 and its credit memo (Table 2:- Credit Memo) is 3000 i want a custom column with product amount after less credit memo.

thanks in advance

For anyone to provide a good answer to this question, we are going to need a mock-up of your tables in a PBIX file. Without being able to see the necessary fields and how they work in the relationships, this type of question is too vague to provide a quality response.

If creating a mock-up of dummy data is not possible, please check out the topic below on how to mask sensitive data and still create a usable mock up file.

How To Mask Sensitive Data In Power BI

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