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How to build a model from two models w different connections

Hello everyone

I have two power bi files, each one a model. Sales has a SQL Database connection and Timetable has a MySql connection.

The purpose is to check if every records from Timetable are invoiced on Sales table. Both power bi files are very large, in terms of tables.

I wonder what’s your best advice for this issue.
Thanks a lot

Hi @pedroccamara

This is a task for Power Query, please read the following post

Hello @jbressan
Thanks for the warning. Power query then.
About your answer, maybe i didn’t explain to well. I don’t have 2 tables, but 2 models and each one with its own connectivity.

Hi @pedroccamara

You can bring both table and used them on the same PBIX file, not matter what kind the connection, there are more than 100 connection and you can uses all them in the same PBIX.

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Thank you @jbressan. Will do
Best regards