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How to add these short symbols before Assets and balance sheet calculations


I am new and still learning.

Please, I was watching a YouTube tutorial regarding building a balance sheet in Power BI.

I’ve tried to comment under the video but no response, so I thought to ask here instead.

  • Please, how to add these symbols before the word Assets? I’ve tried the | and the - but it can not be adjusted as shown in the picture. Is it something to be inserted manually or it is something added using a PowerBI itself?

  • Also, isn’t Total Assets should always equal to the Owner’s Equity & Liabilities?


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Hi @MGadAllah - For Balance Sheets and other Financial statements we use Templates where we need to adjust our Text as per the requirement. In the Template, you can add symbols directly as you have shown in BS Template.

It seems your issue is already sorted. You just need to add spaces in the Balance Sheet columns to adjust as per the requirement.

You can refer to the course " Financial Reporting w/ Power BI’
available at

Ankit J

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