How Many Staff Do We Currently Have - Multiple Dates Logic In Power BI Using DAX

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Thanks for sharing this. Have you done any work on calculating staff turnover during the last 12 month in order to see a rolling 12 month staff turnover. I say 12 month but even that could be dynamic so one can see staff turnover over the last 12 months, 6 months, quarterly, etc.

I haven’t at this current time but a good idea.

You would use a very similar technique here, just re-arrange the FILTER part of the formula.

Very doable.

I’ll note this down as an idea though.



Thank you for posting the Staff Turnover video. How do I find it in here?

Haven’t added it just yet to the online portal. Is that what you are meaning?

Video here on youtube currently.

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Yes, that is what I meant. I am planning to use both examples in a dashboard that I had made a long time ago but was struggling to get a proper annual Staff Turnover %. This is now going to help me very well.