How do you calculate the time difference between to two columns?


Hi Sam,

I’ve managed to get the previous entry Date of a column using the following measure.

Previous Date =
CALCULATE( MAX(‘Driver Fatigue Summary Report’[Date Time]),
FILTER( ALL(‘Driver Fatigue Summary Report’[Date Time]), ‘Driver Fatigue Summary Report’[Date Time] < MAX(‘Driver Fatigue Summary Report’[Date Time])))

I’d now like to be able to calculate the duration between this measure and the value in the ‘Driver Fatigue Summary Report’[Date Time] field.

As you can probably guess the fields in each are in Date Time format such as 30/06/2018 2:09:00 PM

Hope you can help



Hi David,

Without recreating the wheel here. This link below offers a numbers of suggestions on this one.

Want to give this a look and see if you can integrate it into what you are doing.

There’s a query editor option (which I quite like)

Also a calculated column option as well which isn’t to bad either.

Let me know how it goes. Happy to look at your model if no luck with this.