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How can we get entire line of transaction instead of only one column

Hi Team,
I have drilled down to transaction level from P&L as attached. However, the transactions are showing for only one column. I would like to drill down all the table transaction and I would like to see the transaction instead of only that column as follows:
At the moment, when I drill down Account 7890, I can only see description column “General Expenses - Non Operating”

In stead I would like to get it directs to the actual transaction list for selected criteria as follows. I would like to see all the columns not only description column.

Thank you.
Please see attached masked data and the Power BI report.
MaskedData.xlsx (3.0 MB)
MaskedDataforTransactionsDrilledDown.pbix (1.0 MB)


What I think will work best for you in this situation is using Drill-THROUGH, not Drill-DOWN

Drill-through is a great way to handle the need to provide line detail information to your end-user.

Attached is your masked data report, with a simple ‘details’ page added with drill-through functionality.
Key points to know:

  • Determine if your report is going to drill-through on a category filter (the method I chose for my example) or a measure value (very helpful if you want to use the same drill page every time a particular measure is in use)
  • Add that value (either the category or the measure to the new Details tab:
    image image
  • Set up the table (as you want to see it) on the Details tab
  • When you want to see details, your user needs to right-click on the category they want to drill, and select “Drill through” then “Details” (or whatever you name the page)

You can even hide the Details tab, so it only shows up when your end-user uses it.

and the back button is automatically added (to the top left corner) the first time you test the function in your report

eDNA solution - MaskedDataforTransactions - with Drillthrough.pbix (1.0 MB)


Hi Heather,
It really is a great help. Now that you mentioned about the measure, that will be better if we can drill from the same page with a measure.
Can you please guide me through to get a measure for this rather than setting up a next detail page.

Thank you so much.

You will still need to set up the second page - the measure is simply dragged into the “add drill-through fields here” spot instead of the category filter.

The measure you choose to drill-through with will have to be present in the table you are drilling FROM (and the end-user will need to right click from the column that houses that measure)

You can see how this works with the modified report I’ve attached, if the user right-clicks on "Total MTD Actuals’ (which is the measure I have on the Details tab drill-through field), they will get the dill-through option:


but, if they right-click on ANYTHING else, they don’t get the drill-through choice:

eDNA Solution - MaskedDataforTransactions - measure as Drillthrough.pbix (1.0 MB)

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