Hosting Report Page to Website

I am looking into hosting a report (or single page) on a company website. If I do, what has to be true for the public to see the report?

If I have a premium license can anyone interact and view it? Or does each person visiting the website have to have a Power Bi license themselves in order to view it?

I found where you can embed it publicly.

Does anyone know how to disable the Block Public Internet Access feature?

Hi @stiefel.ed - I am not aware of “Block Public Internet Access feature” but can you provide more info on exact requirement so may be I can provide alternate solution.

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Like doing art, you have to grasp the spirit of the rules first.

The following is not an end-to-end guide that helps in the set up and use Anonymous
Sharing from the Power BI Service.

Permissions: The user must have administrator rights (such as Office 365 Global Administrator or Fabric Service Administrator).

Is a Power BI license necessary to interact with the shared report? No.

Enabling Share to Web of a Power BI Report (Anonymous Web Sharing) from the Service
has a number of prerequisites before a Report can be anonymously published on the Internet.

Anonymous sharing to the Internet has its place and is a supported feature of the Power BI Service. However, it can be scary, cause Power BI Admins to lose sleep, Governance folks to shiver, and is often fraught with danger. Consider alternative hosting methods first. Sharing of Reports in this way are managed under the Power BI Terms of Service by Microsoft.

The practice of Anonymous Sharing is known as Publish to Web. It relies on a feature called
an Embed Code that is applied to an individual report. The following points apply:

- Embed codes are Created and Deleted.  
- An Embed Code triggers a cached copy of the Power BI Report and 
  Visuals from the Service to be available to Internet users without authentication.
- An Embed Code is managed and auditable.  
- By default, Embed Codes are Active. However, they may also have a status of Blocked, Not 
  supported, or Infringed. 
- Anonymous sharing from the Power BI Service has evolved over time; documentation and advice 
has changed and evolved as well.  Your mileage may vary.

So, within the Microsoft Fabric Admin portal, where would a Power BI Admin look to enable the creation of Embed Codes?

1. Microsoft Fabric Admin portal > Tenant settings > Advanced Networking > Block Public Internet Access (enabled or disabled for the whole organization).
2. Microsoft Fabric Admin portal > Tenant settings > Publish to web (enabled or disabled for the organization or by Active Directory Security Group)

Note: Microsoft Fabric Admin portal > Tenant settings > Advanced Networking also allows management of Azure Private Link, which has an impact on many items, including sharing and export of files and failures. There are a few considerations to keep in mind while working with private endpoints in Power BI, specifically that misconfiguring Azure Private Link can lock you out of your Power BI Tenant.

Footnote: This reply is not intended to suggest that Share to Web is a poor choice. It is an option, just don’t do this with sensitive data…

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