Highest percentage of tardies by Dept

I am trying to calculate to get the department that has the highest % of tardies.
I have the dept, # employees, # tardies. there are other attendance categories such as sick, scheduled off, etc. but I want to see among the departments which has the highest % of tardies. I’m trying to do it one way by total count of tardies per department as numerator and the grand total count of tardies as denominator. Someone else want me to use the total count of tardies per dept as numerator and
the total of all employees as denominator. the latter does not get your percentages to equal 100%. which is correct to answer the question: which department has the highest percentage of tardies?

Total tardies for all Department would be 100% (denominator)

Depart A Tardies = 10 33.33% (10/30)
Depart B Tardies = 20 66.67% (20/30)
Total Tardies = 30 100.00%

If they want to know what % of Tardies compared with # of Employees. for example 3% of the total employees were tardies in the company.

There other calculation would only work if you were taking everything in account.

I hope this helps.


thank you Keith. :smile:
This is what I thought but someone else proposed the latter and I started doubting myself.

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