Hierarchical Slicer selection values to card

I have a Hierarchical slicer. Top Level is MARepcat; second level is MAReport.
SInce the slicer is on a menu page I need details of the selected items to appear in a card.

The following works when selecting items ONLY from the 2nd level:
CONCATENATEX(ALLSELECTED(MAReports[MA Report]),MAReports[MA Report],",")

But when the Top level is selected all possible (selected and unselected) MAReports are returned.
So how do we make it only return the level 2 ones when a top level node is selected??


Hi @Pete673.

Here’s a quick test using 12 products in 3 categories in a hierarchy slicer, using quick measures to extract the values, then displaying the selected product values in a card; I’ve included displaying them in a matrix as well, and if using this, ensure you have “Values \ Show on rows” turned on. Hope this helps. Greg

TEST Harvest Hierarchy Slicer Selections.pbix (18.7 KB)


That was just awesome! Problem sorted my end.
Thank you very much


H Pete.

I’m glad it helped. Keep (Power) BI-ing on!