Hiding Rows for Measure taken in Row


Hi Sam,

I have two measures Amount and Revenue Percentange, I have taken the measures on rows and dates in columns. Want to display the rev % for the top level only. The problem here now is I want to hide the rows other than for the total in the hierarchy. Could you please help if this is achievable.



If you are looking to hide rows, then the way to do this is somehow in the formula you need to include some BLANK() values for what you don’t want to show.

Something like the below.

IF( ISFILTERED( column name ), BLANK(), measure ) )

This is the way to complete this.

Give this technique a go


Hi Sam,

Tried this method, but its not working, tried to attach the screenshot but was not attached. I have attached again. As you can see I want to display data only for the total and hide the %ofRev rows. I have taken both the amount and %ofRev in rows. When I drill down the data should be displayed for the top level.

Thanks Again,


Hi cskoch,

I saw your query in the newsletter and I was annoyed on your behalf at a simple issue being so hard to solve. I couldn’t figure out a way to exclude the lines if I used 2 measures and the visual itself. However, I was able to achieve a similar result using DAX in a single measure.

It isn’t exactly the solution you asked for but I think it’s quite close. The field will appear as ‘text’ so you need to right align the column when formatting the visual too.

I hope this helps if there isn’t a more direct solution.



Nice one, looks great


Thank you Kirsty, Sam really appreciate your help. Yes this is very Tricky. Let me give a try and lets see what the client says.

Thanks Again