Help with problem in a Python Learning video

I’m not sure who or where to reach out, but I’m working through the learning video for the Advanced Python Data Cleaning and NLP, but the I think there are some problems with the resource pack. It’s missing a few files. I like to click along with the video as I’m watching, but this last video is missing the data in the csv file so it’s difficult to do that. There is a file in the resource pack called Hotel_reviews. The file is there but it’s empty when you open it up. Can someone just send me this file maybe?

Thank you,

Hi @eliljestrand

I’m getting the same thing. Hotel_reviews.csv is empty

@EnterpriseDNA. Can you please update the resource pack zip files?


@eliljestrand , @Keith

Hotel Review dataset you can find at:

Hope you enjoy learning. It is a such a great course.

thanks for the information @mspanic …wondering why it wasn’t included in the resource zip file.

I think it needs to applied to the resource files or a link to data within the course outline…

Someone else will ask again. :slight_smile:

Thanks again @mspanic

Thank you! I think there’s also a Reddit dataset missing from the resource pack, the video works from a file of reddit comments in a few spots, but there wasn’t a file of reddit comments in the resource pack. And there were some other files that we didn’t use. I think someone should review that resource pack to make sure it algins with the video.

@EnterpriseDNA , can you please review the resource files?

Thanks Keith

reddit_wsb.csv You can found at

Hi @eliljestrand , @Keith , @mspanic ,

As soon as we received your feedback, our development team began working on the course resource pack. This will be updated very soon.

Thank you for keeping an eye on this.


Enterprise DNA Support Team