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Help with Portfolio Management Dashboard Visuals


I am looking for guidance on whether these visuals exist for Power BI as a custom visual or any workaround to produce this data as depicted in the below images?

Projects Interdependency

This Visual displays Projects interlinked to each other so the Arrow direction is important.

Resource Demand

This above visual captures Resource capacity that is allocated to Projects by Years/Quarters in groups



Hmmm…the first one is basically a PERT chart, correct? I’m not aware of any custom visuals for that in Power BI. This leaves two primary options, R and Charticulator.

There is a package in R called CPMandPERT that allows you to create some fairly highly-customizable PERT Charts.

I’d recommend taking a look at this to see if it will meet your needs:

@MudassirAli or @JarrettM could give you a better sense as to what’s possible in replicating this chart in Charticulator, though I suspect it’s totally doable.

With regard to the bottom chart, you have more options. You could create a home-brewed version of this via the matrix visual using the techniques that @sam.mckay lays out here:

There are also a wide array of custom Gantt visuals, both free and paid, in Appsource that could produce something similar. Some of the paid ones (Xviz and Zebra BI, if I recall correctly) are very highly customizable).

Finally, this one also could also be done in Charticulator. For that, I would refer you to Part 2 of @MudassirAli 's recent Enterprise DNA course on Advanced Visualization Techniques.

I hope this is helpful.

  • Brian

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