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Help required to sort Power BI data model issue!

Hi Team,

I am doing analysis of our campaigns. I am analyzing a non profit organization data. We create marketing campaigns and people respond in those campaigns and we store donation amount in our revenue table which is attributed to particular campaign. Sometime, we get revenue from those users who did not receive our campaign but revenue is attributed to the campaign active at that time.

I have calculated 2 measures:

  1. Solicited : People who received campaign
  2. Responses : People who donated

Now, I want to calculate responses in total but those should not show against the package/appeal in the table visual. e. g in below visual, I want total as 4,744 responses but where solicited is empty, those rows should not be visible.

Can you please guide me about this. I have attached Power BI file?

Power BI responses.pbix (1.3 MB)

Kind Regards,

Try this.

Responses 2 =
‘Basic Measures’[Solicited] = BLANK(),
COUNTROWS( ‘Appeals Revenue’ )

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