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Having difficulty adding assumptions projection calculations into financial statement template

Just to paint a background on what I’m trying to achieve here.

I’ve got a set of financial statements with 3 year historical numbers with I’ve set up into the income statement template and I have a set of assumptions that for future projections.

Currently, I’ve got no issues with setting up the historical financial statements in the canvas and the numbers appearing are correct.

However, when I look to add the future projections, I cant seem to get the numbers to appear in the correctly and in the correct location.

2020 onwards doesnt appear correctly for “MCN Revenue” line item.

In my “WTA line item actual” formula this refers to the bottom half of the formula.

Income Statement_v2.pbix (271.5 KB)
Please find attached the pbix file.
Thanks in advance for your help


Your WTA Line Item Actual measure is working exactly as intended. The problem is with your FY Revenue Forecast measure. In testing the former, I set the latter just equal to 100 and the WTA measure returned the expected/correct results:

Tracing through your FY Revenue Forecast measure, that measure is returning the value of the variable FillRateBestCase. I would suggest working through the three filter conditions in that variable to figure out why they are returning a blank table.

I hope this is helpful.

– Brian

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Thanks for looking into the code.

Currently my dax formula is

I’ve tried adding Filter in my calculate formula above and still can’t seem to be getting the results that I’m looking for.

Do you have any clue as to why this is happening? What could be the other reasons the “MCN” line item is showing a blank.



Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

After much troubleshooting, I realised the reason that the numbers were showing a blank was because of the relationship in the tables.

These 2 tables are connected via the dates table, however, the “year end” column that I was using to connect to the dates table was in text format resulting in an improper connection.

After fixing changing the format to date, then the calculations flows over to the WTA table.

Thanks you so much for your time and help.



Thanks very much for the update - really glad you were able to get to a good solution.

It’s a great reminder that anytime someone says “my DAX isn’t working”, it’s a good idea to look to the data model first. The DAX itself may be absolutely fine (as it was in your case), but still returning incorrect results becauses of problems w/ the data model istelf.

  • Brian