Handling Multiple Dates but they are active? Is that right?

Hi all,

I have a data modeling question as it relates to multiple dates. I thought Power BI can’t recognize two active relationships in a Date Tbl but for some reason in my model the relationship is active for both tables. I have an active relationship to Contact Create Date in the Prospects Tbl and an active relationship to RFP Receive Date in the Opportunities Tbl.

From a performance standpoint, will there be an issue? Should I make one of them inactive?

Thanks for your feedback. Just trying to understand better.

Hi @ysherriff,

Your dimension table is Date (at the 1 side) as long as you use fields from this dimension table in all visuals and filters they will propagate through the 1:M relationship to all connected fact tables (at the * side).

So your Date dimension will filter both Prospects and Oppertunities at the same time, that is to be expected and by design.

I hope this is helpful.


Yes and thank you very much Melissa