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Handling Multiple Clients and Dates

Hi All

I currently have a data model showing some sales for each country by Customer. We have decided to highlight certain clients as ‘VIP’ clients for each respective country with a date period. The effect is when I select Country A, I only see the sales made by VIP clients in Country A (not interested in the non-VIP clients)

I am struggling with how to model this relationship - thinking of using an intermediary dimension table to track the VIP clients and link it between the customers (dimension) and sales (fact) table. However, I would need to create many unique column combinations to also link with country, date tables etc…

Data Model Example.pbix (71.0 KB)

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks

Once I saw your question, I remembered this video from a few years ago. I hope this helps!

This one also should give some context as well:

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Thanks for this video. For my VIP clients, they may not necessary be a top client. It could even be a client with 0 sales but we would like it to be tagged as a ‘VIP/Target’ client so we can identify them.

After thinking this through, I have used TREATAS to implement a virtual relationship as it was near impossible (for me) to model it using a one-to-many relationship