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Great data set available

Hi All,

stumbled upon this link, forgotten I had it. It’s a link to a great open source data set for police data in the UK. Thought it might be a good share for people to practice with or useful for a EDNA Challenge.

For clarification, I have not made a personal contribution to these crime stats in anyway :wink:

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@DavieJoe ,

Very cool – thanks for sharing.

I’m almost certain this is the dataset that James Dales uses to create many of the Icon Map custom visual examples. In the link below I think the Map with Reveal, and the WKT with Drill down to Circles are particularly interesting.

  • Brian
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That is indeed the very data set @BrianJ

@DavieJoe ,

FYI - because the forum structure doesn’t allow the first post to be marked as solved, the convention we’ve been using for tips like this is that the original poster replies to their first message with one that just says “Marked as Solved”, and then marks that as the solution. That way, the person submitting the tip gets properly credited for the solve.

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