GraphQL Query and load to Power Query

I can work with PowerBI DAX. But if I can’t get the data I want to work with and don’t have the skills to get the data. Then I have a problem. That is my situation.

The company I work in use a software in the cloud where we manage our project. I can get the data with GraphQL with queries inside the GraphQL in the cloud.

The UI for this look like this. Were I have an error.

To the I write the query. In the middel the error. To the right some of what you need.

When the query is correct then it has to be incorporated in Power Query.
I have one query incorporated in Power Query.
Have connection from PowerBI to my data in the Cloud. But with one query.

In Power Query the one query I have to work look lik this

Can I buy the work from Enterrpise DNA, Where you made the work so data comes to Power Query and PowerBI. Where I can work from.
As I want an answer from Enterprise DNA I ask you @Melissa and you @BrianJ

Best regrads

Hi @Amdi - Have no experience with GraphL and can’t test either. However, a simple Search on Google returns few similar questions. Can check if they are helpful for you.

See if these are helpful else can wait if someone with GraphQL knowledge can provide more information.

Ankit J

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Hi Ankit
Tank you for your links.
For other who comes to this place. I have been advice to this link
It’s good and really tells you what GraphQL is.

kind regards


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