Governance - General access information of users for applications

Hello @GovernanceEcosystem!
I have a question regarding Power Bi @Governance .
I am trying to build an analysis where I can audit who has access to what and follow up the activity/inactivity of users. (a user can be active from the perspective of Audit Logs but inactive to a number of application he/she has access to).
Using REST API I can find the new experience workspaces available in the tenant and users who are members of these workspaces.
What I am looking for is: how to find the users having access to applications and not being members of the workspaces. Any thoughts?

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Hi @alexbadiu,

Have you considered Powershell ?
This might be helpful:


Hello Cristian, thank you for your reply! I did considered using PowerShell to access the data. My question is more related to the actual API to target…
Is there an API or another way to recover the list of users having access to applications? Those users are not members in the workspace