Hi everyone,

Hope you’ve got a nice day coming up in NZ. So I have a fun problem and sadly I haven’t cracked stripping my model of private data so I hope screen shots will help instead of sharing the PBIX.

I am trying to work with USERELATIONSHIP and Salesforce data. We have a checkbox in Salesforce that signifies a salesperson has sent a proposal and it has a second field where they input the date they sent the proposal. Salesforce imported these as True/Fales and Date/Time but I have converted them to 1/0 and Date in the query editior. For the majority of my reports I use Opportunity Close Date but in this case I would like to calculate the number of proposals sent by their respective proposal sent date…

Here is my DAX:

Number of Proposals = 


Number of Proposals Using ProposalSentDate =
CALCULATE( SUM('Opportunity'[Proposal_Delivered__c]),
USERELATIONSHIP(Dates[Date], Opportunity[Date_Proposal_Delivered__c]))

I have also tried using the Number of Proposals Measure in the above formula instead of SUM and it returns the same incorrect values.

As you can see, it is not properly summing the values and they are not properly associated to my date table. Here is some sample data:


Here is my model


Any thoughts on what I am doing wrong here?

Thank you!

Solved my problem. I believe it was a filter context problem! Regardless I can now look at Proposals sent and Total sales in one Matrix with a date column but in the backgrond they are using different date references. The close date for the sales and the proposal delivered date for the proposals. So I can now model, for a given date, the total amount sold and the number of proposals sent. Awesome!

Ok great