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Getting the average of a moving average


I would like to know how i get the actual average value of a 1 month moving average measure i created.

I have the column of the 1 month moving average showing here using this code

Total Cost 1M MA = 

IF([Total Cost (AED)] = BLANK(), BLANK(), AVERAGEX(
DATESINPERIOD( Dates[Date], LASTDATE( Dates[Date] ), -1, MONTH ),
[Total Cost (AED)] ) )

and what i want now is to have another column showing the average value of the above moving average column in each row the same value in order to create a straight line on my chart.

Also from this i can create a card displaying the average value.

Unfortunately i cannot upload a PBIX as its too big




You can try the following measure:

    Moving Average = 
        Total Cost (AED)] = BLANK(),
                    Total Cost (AED)] ),
                    DATESINPERIOD('Date'[Date] , 
                            -1 , 

However, make sure that your Date table is a continuous Data Table and also marked as Date Table.


Hi i think my point wasnt clear yes i already have that moving average working what id like to know now is what is the average value of that column


Hi @Krays23 - Please check if below expression is helpful. It will provide Average of the Moving Average measure. Let us know if requirement is different.

Avg of Moving Average =
IF (
    ISBLANK ( [Total Sales] ),
    BLANK (),
        SUMMARIZE ( ALLSELECTED ( dates ), Dates[Date], "Mov", [Moving Average] ),

Ankit J

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Hi @Krays23, did the response provided by @Ankit help you solve your query? If not, how far did you get and what kind of help you need further? If yes, kindly mark the thread as solved. Thanks!