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Getting Data from Power BI Model!

Hi everyone,

I have come across a way to extract all data behind the power bi model. Sometimes, it is necessary to get data from the model view and we can easily get ALL model data using DaxStudio in just couple of clicks. We can put this in csv files or SQL server directly. Below is the procedure:

Open and connect DAX studio to the model—> then go to Advanced–>Export Data

Select folder and table you want to import and it is super fast :slight_smile:

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Great tip. I’ve been using that feature in DAX Studio for a while, and find it enormously useful. However, just recently a similar free tool came out from Data Vizioner called Power BI Exporter that has earned a place on my External Tools menu, due to a few advantages:

  • It’s truly one click – no program to go into
  • Creates a zip file containing CSVs for every table in your model
  • it also automatically creates three metadata files, listing all of your columns, tables and relationships and includes them in the zip

Here’'s the link to download. Check it out and see what you think.

  • Brian

Thank you @hafizsultan and @BrianJ for the great tips.



Hi @BrianJ,

I have tested Power BI exporter now and it is very intuitive :slight_smile: , thanks for your suggesting this tool.

Kind Regards,

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thanks for the great information :slight_smile:


Thanks for the information @hafizsultan! We appreciate users and experts sharing varied updates and tips relevant to Power BI.

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