Geospatial Referencing



Has anyone had any success with geospatial referencing. I think that Power BI has a basic latitude and longitude reference but I’ve had error messages when trying to input these to the map function. Ideally I’d like to be able to highlight a road or a piece of rail track but have no idea how to do this. I’ve heard that there is an ESRI map function available too in custom visuals?


Yes certainly check out ESRI maps. It sounds like this is what you need. The have quite extensions functionality in there custom visuals.

The standard map visual I don’t believe are going to get you what you need.

Just on the lat and longs, make sure to categorize them as so within Power BI. This can sometimes be missed and Power BI starts aggregating up the numbers while you essentially want this to be hardcoded text.

See below for what I mean