Gateway problems


Please help. I have to gateways on two different machines and only one is working. The one that this error is complaining about has been deleted and I don’t know how to fix this .

error: unable to connect . The data source cannot connect to all the gateway instances of the cluster.



Hi Nikki, I will say upfront this type of thing isn’t my specialty and can sometimes be difficult to troubleshoot due to the variability in internal systems. But let’s work on it and look to solve it.
I’ll do some reading and come back shortly.

The documentation from MS is usually poor around this area also, as you likely already know. But will see what we can do.


Have you tried some of the ideas in these links

Re-install gateway

Is this possible. Let’s try this first, as it seemed to work here.


I’ve tried that


You mentioned it was deleted on one computer? So is the issue that is can’t be uploaded/downloaded again? Is it just not available on internal systems?


That’s correct


I wish I could assist here, but this is a touch one, as it could potentially be an internal issue? Something with internal systems maybe?

These ones are always difficult from a support perspective.

Is there anyone within IT team at your end who is in a position to assist?


I’m having gateway issues myself. They seem to be pretty painful in general.
We were initially using Personal Gateways, but the reliance on one of our machines being active was problematic. Currently working with our Digital team to set up an Enterprise Gateway, but that has its own challenges.

Do you have the same version of the Gateway running on both machines?


I have an enterprise gateway on the server and I had a personal gateway on my machine which I changed to an enterprise . The problem seems to be that I deleted/uninstalled a previous enterprise gateway on the server and reinstalled with a new name. It keeps looking for the old name. …but the data source that is connected to the server is working. the data source that is connected to my machine is complaining about the old gateway on the other server


I had someone with some savvy have a look but he is stumped. He says gateways always give issues :slight_smile:


That’s frustrating. Yes the gateways have been up and down from my experience also. When they work though they are brilliant.

I wonder what else could be tested here??


But do you need a gateway on your machine if you have one set up on the server?

We have ended up going to Microsoft for support on ours, couldn’t figure it out. I think on my end I’ll try digging into the query details in the .pbix file by changing it into a .zip