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Gateway connection issue with Direct AND Import Queries

My attached pbix file has a single data source of an SQL database, tables are loaded as direct queries but the reports also include import queries as I have created tables using DAX such as SUMMARIZE.
When publishing to the PBI Web Service only the visuals from the import query “tables” are visible not the ones from the direct query tables. ?!?!?!! I have set up a gateway connection to the data source and have attached the settings for you to see. The error message refers to permissions but I have read so many MS docs and blogs I don’t know where or how to fix this, hoping you can help.
Many thanks Lizzie

Daily KPI Dashboard.pbix (6.4 MB)

Hi @LizzieTompsett,

Sometimes the error message returned by the Power BI service could be confusing, but assuming there is a permission problem you could try to uncheck, at least temporarily, the “Use SSO via Kerberos for DirectQuery” option.

If will work without it, it means that was not configured correctly. If this is the case use the “Learn more” link to see how the configuration must be done. But if you don’t use “Row Level Security” it may not be required (and in your PBIX I didn’t see any “roles” configured).

Otherwise, you may hit some limitations of the DirectQuery that could be checked here: Limitations of DirectQuery.

Kind Regards,

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Thank you Lucian, that worked!

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