Formula instead of Summarized table


I was wondering if there is a way to instead of using the below summarized table formula to have just used a measure from the main table that accomplishes the same outcome, which would be counting the number of courses by unique student determined by [Student ID]. The trick is I would need to make sure the outcome allows me to get a count of the student’s courses by [Academic Year].

Everything that I would use in a visual is already inside the below summarized table. My model has become very complex and I am looking for ways to simply things because I have so many connected tables and this is the only summarized one.

WW Completed Courses = 
    'WW Registrations',
    [Student ID],
    [Academic Year],
    [Academic Year End Academic Career],
    [Academic Year End Academic Plan No Roll-up Description],
    [Gender Description],
    [Age Groups],
    [Ethnicity (IPEDS)],
    "Completed Courses", COUNTA('WW Registrations'[Student ID]))


This seems a little overly complex.

Aren’t all these measures and details coming from the same table? Do you really need to recreate it like this?

Any reason you can just add a calculated column to the original table?

The main reason you would look to use SUMMARIZE is to actually summarize information from one table in a new way. But to me I can really see that. It looks like you’re just replicating most of a table and then adding a column onto it.

That’s just my observation based on what I’m looking at.

Certainly models generally should be a intuitive as possible. So the idea would be to find so places to optimize table or measures somehow.

If you have more information that I’m not quite understanding let me know.