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I need your help with the following problem. In my PowerQuery editor I want to display my article table from a URL .json information in a new column for each product. This URL contains the Product SKU in the string, which is retrieved from another column in my table. Power Query shows me the following error when I combine multiple queries. Does anyone have any ideas?

        Quelle = #"ARTICLE SALES",
        #"Andere entfernte Spalten" = Table.SelectColumns(Quelle,{"Modell", "Lieferantenfarbe", "Modellbezeichnung", "Product SKU"}),
        #"Entfernte Duplikate" = Table.Distinct(#"Andere entfernte Spalten", {"Product SKU"}),
        #"Hinzugefügte benutzerdefinierte Spalte" = Table.AddColumn(#"Entfernte Duplikate", "Img URL", 
            each Json.Document(
                    Web.Contents(""[Product SKU])
        #"Erweiterte Img URL" = Table.ExpandRecordColumn(#"Hinzugefügte benutzerdefinierte Spalte", "Img URL", {"result"}, {"Img URL.result"}),
        #"Umbenannte Spalten" = Table.RenameColumns(#"Erweiterte Img URL",{{"Img URL.result", "Img URL"}})
        #"Umbenannte Spalten"

Hi Mario,

Please see if this helps to resolve your issue:

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Hi Mario,

In addition to the Melissa reference to the above great source, here is another tutorial which will surely help you solve this problem.

The problem is, I need the web query and the contained .json information per row in the context of the Product SKU from the Articles table. Thanks for further approaches to solutions

If you combine public source with a private one like in this case, power query will crash and result in Formula.Firewall Error. So make sure you have set up your privacy level accordingly to avoide these kind of issues.

I guess this one is closer to the situation like you have, incase if you want to follow along.

Hello everybody, thanks for your response. I have placed the external source query Json.document(Web.Contnets(…)) outside the query Now I have the problem that I don’t get the values per line. The content of the query has to refer to the respective ID in the SKU column and return the single value per row, it as it would behave inside the query. So the Web.Content query returns a different value for each row. Does anyone have an idea?