Formating financial data in a matrix

I’m currently working on creating a budget report in powerbi. I’ve got the data model setup but I’m having a little problem formating the report according to the client’s request.

With the default matrix graph, are we able to create a report as in screenshot attached? Maybe a link to an existing Enterprise DNA video might help? I’ve watched the financial reporting video, but the format used was already predefined in Excel (ie with indentation for each group/category) and imported into PowerBI.

In the screenshot, the dimension is ExpenseType with the following fields :

  • Expense Type Code
  • Expense Type Description
  • Expense Type SubCategory
  • Expense Type Category

Thanks in advance


Hi @Fiona

To ajust the layout of the matrix visual, try this with your matrix selected:

  1. go to Format
  2. section Row Headers
  3. turn off Stepped layout


If needed you can also turn the subtotals on or off via de Format options

I hope this is helpful.

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