Formating financial data in a matrix

I’m currently working on creating a budget report in powerbi. I’ve got the data model setup but I’m having a little problem formating the report according to the client’s request.

With the default matrix graph, are we able to create a report as in screenshot attached? Maybe a link to an existing Enterprise DNA video might help? I’ve watched the financial reporting video, but the format used was already predefined in Excel (ie with indentation for each group/category) and imported into PowerBI.

In the screenshot, the dimension is ExpenseType with the following fields :

  • Expense Type Code
  • Expense Type Description
  • Expense Type SubCategory
  • Expense Type Category

Thanks in advance


Hi @Fiona

To ajust the layout of the matrix visual, try this with your matrix selected:

  1. go to Format
  2. section Row Headers
  3. turn off Stepped layout


If needed you can also turn the subtotals on or off via de Format options

I hope this is helpful.

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I’ve been following the Financial Reporting with power BI and cannot find the Stepped Layout, i’ve heard microsoft took it out, can you help me building that visulization or point me the right direction?

Hi @LuisGuilhermeCarvalh

Please start a new topic. Once the topic is closed, people in the forum doesn’t view the topic again.

You will get better results if you start a new topic.

Thanks Keith