Forecast not available in Analytics section for Line Chart

I have a model that has gathered data on the same day ( January 1) for the past 7 years, I am plotting a number of elements on a line chart with the Date field on the x axis and the qty on the y axis. The forecast option is not available in the Analytics panel. I am using Version: 2.83.5894.881 64-bit (July, 2020). I have read a number of blogs with the same issue but I have tried all of the posted solutions. Has anyone seen this and been able to get the forecast section to appear in Analytics

Hi @Brad.V,

I’m not sure about this, it might not be available with certain graphs.
i found this.

i hope it helps,

Thank you for your response. I did find the solution. I went to the visuals gallery and downloaded a custom visual, the time series forecast visual and tried to use it on my workspace. It flashed a brief error saying that I did not have the correct R libraries installed. I went to the Power BI site and found links to install R and the visuals now work. The line graph now displays the forecast options in the analytics pane.

Hi @Brad.V.

I’m glad you found the solution and also stated what you did to let other members within the group know.

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