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found just one topic about Forecast in Power Bi and I am having issues with implementing this Measure, any assistance will be appreciated, please
plus, if there is any more topics related to Forecast in Power BI kindly, share with me.

Quarterly Forecast =
CALCULATE( [Total Sales],
FILTER( ALL( Dates ),
Dates[Year] = 2022 &&
Dates[QuarterOfYear] = 4 &&
Dates[Quarter Day] = MIN( Dates[Quarter Day] ) ) )

I typed in forecast in search bar on the dashboard within the platform

results I got

typed in budget

Take a look at the results for both areas

Did you check on youtube?


Thanks !!! and in one of the two explicit titles for Forecasting Sam makes this Measure that can not get it to work, trying in different dataset and nothing, have you worked in a forecasting scenario?!!
FILTER ( ALL(Dates),
Dates[Year] = 2020 &&
Dates[QuarterOfYear] = 3 &&
Dates[QUARTER DAY] = MIN(Dates[QUARTER DAY] ) ) ) * 1.12

i haven’t reviewed the video for a while. Are you sure you typed everything correctly?
Are you using the EDNA Date table?
What kind of error are you getting?
To help people in the forum do you have sample pbix file?

What is the title of the video that you are reviewing?

Thanks, yes I am using the same syntax
Yes I am using same Date Table
I am attaching a file with the Measures and the error,
the video is the "Project a Current Trend Forward Repeadtely - Forecasting Techniques -

Testing Quarterly Forecast.pbix (150.0 KB)

Hi there
I did the following
changed date year in Date table to Whole number it was a text
change gldate format in d table to match the same format as the date table
changed quarter day to not to summarize
Mark the date table as a date table

you have no data for 2021, you won’t get any results. changed to 2022 and quarter 4
i have attached the file for reference.
Testing Quarterly Forecastks.pbix (140.7 KB)

also i downloaded the file related to the lab for a reference point to be able to help.

i hope this helps

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On old platform there was a course Budgeting & Forecasting with 22 lessons:

On Enteprise DNA Youtube channel you have Budgeting & Forecast Series with 22 video
some of them:

Brian also once post a link to Forecasting: Principle and Practice :

Hope it helps.

Good luck

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Thanks for sharing this, who can make available in this new platform the series Budgeting & Forecasting ?

It keeps continue being relevant,

In meantime - you can check Enteprise DNA Youtube channel - 22 videos on Budgeting & Forecast Series

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