Forecast and Inventory - Days/Months of stock


I have searched the site and cannot see anything referencing this. A common need in my business is to calculate the days/weeks or months of stock we have to highlight any potential runout periods. The data we have is the forecast and the current onhand stock and the dates of future stock drops - from this we use excel to calculate if we have any expected periods of stock outs or if we are massively overstocked on a product. I would love to be able to bring this over to power BI. If it is already here somewhere it would be great if someone can point me to it, otherwise it might be a great update to get in the future.


Have you check out this model here. This might not be exactly this calculation but will get the model setup correctly and then it should be straight forward from there.

It doesn’t seem like a hugely difficult calculation it will just be about getting the data set up correctly within you model I would suspect.