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I am working with a clustered bar chart where I ideally would like to have the value axis (X axis) going from left to right instead of right to left. The reason this happens is because I deal with negative numbers (accounting postings) which cannot be switched to positive.

Therefore, I am wondering if there is any way to flip the value axis so that the graph would look the same as if the values were positive (0 in the bottom left corner where -10M is and -10M in the bottom right corner where 0 is)? In other words, a flip of the graph along the vertical axis.

Due to the sensitivity of the PBI file I cannot share more than a snipshot of the graph…


I don’t know if you’re negative numbers are just a single column in your dataset or if they are all over the place, but if they are limited to a couple of columns or less, could you create calculated column(s) that contain the absolute values of the negative numbers, and then use that column for your chart(s)?

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We are running a live connection to Analysis Services cubes so that would have to be done backend and not in PBI. But regardless, this is unfortunately not a feasible solution as it will create issues other places in the reports. As I wrote this are accounting values, hence credit postings as well which should be negative.

Essentially, this is what I need:

Hi @FredrikH,

I have found a custom visual that has the option to reverse the axis, but it is paid. Maybe there is a free visual that can do the same.




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