Fixed Assets Projection


I have a unique scenario where I need to Forecast Fixed Asset Depreciation across the life of the asset. Below are the details:

An asset is acquired on a particular date i.e. 2019-06-20 and service life is 2 years, so the endDate of the asset will be 2019-06-20 + 2 years i.e. 2021-06-20. I need to divide the depreciation value across these month for each asset, acquisition date and enddate of each asset may be different.

This is required in Power BI Direct Query mode.

Your support will be appreciated.

There’s not much you can do about this in directquery mode.

Do you have any measures working in this mode?


Yes, I have many measure working.

what could be the alternatives, any guess, are we going to do projection in SQL?

Ok sure thing,

Can you give a bit more color around how you want to visualize it, what the context of the calculation will be.

All of this is important to get a solid solution.

The best thing to do is to create a demo file of the whole scenario with some dummy data and then we can have a look into it further.


The scenario is like this.

We have assets, which will have an acquition date, depreciation end date and depreciation value and life of the asset, I want to forecast / project the depreciation value across the life of the asset, say for example. I have an asset having acquisition date july 3, 2019 and life 1 year and acquisition price $50000, I need derive monthly depreciation value of the asset and then display it in the report.

I hope it will make sense.

Sure this is definitely possible.

It will totally depend on how you want to visualize this and other assets in your report.

Have you setup an example of this in Power BI and that can be reviewed?

Can you setup a demo example with maybe one or two assets, then show exactly how you want it visualize in either a table or a chart…then add it here.

This is the best way to get targeted assistance on these.


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