Financial Trend Analysis and Drill down to transactional level


I have been playing around with the Financial Reporting Template that currently drills down to account level detail (trial balance) and am interested if anyone has expanded a similar model to a transactional data granularity. I want to look at a 12 month trend and be able to drill on a selected account down to the transactional level to understand more completely what may have caused a large variance month to month.

I essentially would like to start at the top hierarchy level (Revenue and Expense) - then drill down to the category level - then to the account level - and finally to the transaction level - all synced between visualizations

Theoretically, I believe this is possible - but I am wondering if anyone has done this.

The second part of my question is: Can the transactional drill down be on a separate tab and be synced to the cover page? In the example link above, I would like to select marketing - understand what accounts that make up marketing - then finally drill down to the transactions that make up marketing on a second tab?

If possible, how can the second tab (with transactional detail) be synced to the cover page so that it only returns the transactions for the selected accounts on the cover page?



You can definitely set this up, it would just require to data to complete this.

With the example expense data used in this demo the marketing info only goes to the 2nd rollup as you’ve shown.

But there is nothing stopping going even further if the data is there. If it is available then create the trend analysis on drill down shouldn’t be too difficult to implement.

Also on your second question yes, you can setup you reports to sync between pages. With the bookmarks, and sync slicers options you can create many great looks and functionality within your reports.

I think the key to get this all working though is just haven’t the data setup in a way that makes it possible.

You can use the demo dataset from this example to see what you need, you’ll just need more detail to get it all working how you want I believe.

Hopefully this is helpful, if have any other thoughts certainly share.