Financial Reporting w/ Power BI DAX questions

Hello, I had a quick question related to the selected year actuals formulas for previous years calculations. Why on the selected year actuals LY formula did you go through and recreate each of the income statement formulas when you could have just taken the selected year actuals and dateadd that. It seems like that would be more efficient. I got the same values with both ways. I am not all the way through the course, so my apologies if the reasoning becomes evident in a later part of the course.



I think I see why in the next video. It looks like you had to do it that way due to the margin percentage formatting piece. Let me know if that is not it. If it is, please feel free to mark this as solved or I can delete the post.



Creating a date table will make it easy for you.

Please look at the following free video.

Hi @nickjordan32

Your understanding is correct. If we create a measure like below and use in report, then all the Dynamic formatting will be lost

Selected Year Actuals LY =
CALCULATE ( [Selected Year Actuals], DATEADD ( Dates[Date], -1, YEAR ) )

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