Financial Reporting (Income Statement) Date Slicers

Hello, I was following the financial reporting template and was able to get the income statement in the format I desired. Many thanks for that.

However, in my project, instead of creating two columns (selected year actuals, prior year actuals), I wish to create two tables with one column only (selected date) and I would want to have two dates slicers to control the two tables independently. I have challenges right now as my slicers currently apply to both tables due to the measures I created. Could someone please advise how I can disconnect the slicer and have one date slicer to control table A and have the same date slicer to control table B.

I tried to go to “Format” and “Edit Interactions” for my table, however, for some reason, it does not appear to have a turn on/off button for this customized financial table. Thus, I could not use it to turn off the slicer interaction for my table. Any advice/ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Apologies if my question is not clear as this is my first time posting it. Thanks,

Probably your best bet in this instance is to create another date table. Then link that additional date table up via the same relationship to the fact table, the table with all of the key information.

Then you will have two different slicers for dates that will adjust your data, and then you can use edit interactions for each table to only interact with the specific slicer that you want it to.


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Thank you so much. This has been resolved.