Financial Reporting Example issue

Hi All,

The video you recently did on Financial Reporting (template)
Just checking where am i going wrong in my logic.

When I looked at your Power BI Workbook you also get the same number as me?

Really confusing as to why my expense number are not coming through? i’ve attached the document if this helps.
Same setup as yours, but cannot figure out this odd change?

FinancialReporting.Sep.2018 - Expense issue.pbit (40.5 KB)

Can you make sure to add a pbix file instead of a template.

With the templates none of the data comes through so it’s difficult to see where the issues are.


I’ve tried to work out the issue by the pictures but can’t. So will need to see a pbix file.

As another recommendation. Try to isolate singular things that could be the problem and really dive into that issue.

To me this will be something quite small that you just haven’t picked up on. See how you go with this strategy as well.

This should hopefully work.- See page 2
I have a feeling it is some ordering index on the date tables, but cannot see anything odd.
Thanks Sam.

FinancialReporting.Sep.2018 - Copy.pbix (625.1 KB)

This first one is easy


For financial value you are counting up the revenue + expenses. If you take the expenses off you get the same as the total sales and sale value.

The second one is a bit more interesting and it’s because the date is getting mixed up between NZ format and US format.

So everything is being logged at in January for the expenses, rather than throughout the different months (first day of every month)

In the query editor make sure to turn the date into the correct format.

You can do that here


Perfect! - Right makes sense it was the Locale object I was not looking into - Start of Month.
Thanks Sam! Works fine .