Finance template and dozens of subtotals and totals

So I’ve gone through some of the Financial Reporting w/Power BI, including the template section and I find that it could work for me, except that I have dozens of subtotals and totals, many of which only have one line items. My report needs to include all these totals, so is this template pattern the best way to accomplish this and can just a few Measures take care of the dozens of subtotals and totals for my report? My Summary Index has a few dozen indexes to take into account.

It should be able to work for you. In terms of creating subtotals and totals with Power BI using this technique is really your only option at the moment.

Mainly because the current table visualisation doesn’t allow you to structure your sub totals in a way that look like one customised table format.

Why do you have far more subtotals and totals in your report? If so you should be able to just extend the technique to cover all of these options you require in your table.

Is there any reason why you don’t think you can extend it the way that I’m imagining?


Thanks for your reply!

I will go ahead and use the technique you describe in your videos and get back to the forum on any difficulties I come across. The report covers the entire income statement, so there are more than 50 subtotals and totals of interest. I think it’s just the volume of totals that got me wondering about this, but I’ll have to first try it out to get a better understanding of the technique.


Okay great.

Does seem still like a lot of subtotals. Maybe it’s an opportunity to consolidate or condense the report to make it more functional?


Yes, the technique works well, thank you! I will have to check with the accountant about condensing the report, but I can see why he might want to see the totals for different sub-sections. I don’t see a reason for a subtotal of a one-line section though. They might want to keep the consistency, not sure.

Hi Sam,

The template technique works well, but what a mission to get so many Measures done! Their idea is to have the same report they usually have, which requires going through each relevant account. Is there a way to streamline this process, other than condensing the number of subtotals? I now have to do the same for the Budget, which should go more quickly, but the volume of Measures might create confusion. I may have to create more measure folders to help organize them?

There’s probably no way to add styles to the template part of the report, is there? I made the totals bold in Excel but they did not persist in Power BI.


All the functionality around these customised tables is and has been very limited.

That is why this is really the only technique which enables you to do it at this point in time.

Yes it might be frustrating having to create so many measures. That’s why I recommended trying to convince the users of the report they probably don’t need that many subtotals, but if it has to be done then I would work hard at organising your measures into a range of measure groups. This way it would be easy for anyone to work through your model over time.

Another thing you could potentially do is place some of these calculations you have for each measure into variables. I have used these in some capacity throughout the training course module. This would limit the amount of measures you would have to create especially if some of them are very simple and could easily fit into a variable.

See how you go with these ideas.