Finally was able to get duration to work just don't understand the decimal

Hi All,

I finally have been able to import durations into Power BI that were previously shown as H:mm:ss

To do this in the excel file prior to importing I converted the duration to a text type.

This converts it into a decimal number which can then be imported and changed to Duration without creating an error as would happen previously as it would often import as a time and not be able to convert to a duration.

The only problem I have now is the durations total up to a decimal value and I’d now like to convert them back to a H:mm:ss type format in my dashboard. Also does a duration of 1 equal 1 day? I’m unsure of this and would really appreciate some clarification.

Thanks in advance


Hi David,

After Get Data, in the Power Query editor you will find many options to deal with time, duration etc. I found this to work much better for my goals than using Excel and changing type or format.

Kind regards

Hi David, yes I agree with Paul.

Have you been using the date and time features within the query editor. These are perfect for what you’re attempting to do.

Other than this if you have some images to share that clarify exactly what you’re seeing that would also be helpful.

Thanks, Sam

Hi All,

I finally managed to get this to work

used this

Duration = 
    SUMX('Driver Fatigue Summary Report', 'Driver Fatigue Summary Report'[Duration Decimal]),"hh:mm:ss")

Were you waiting all that time to get it going?

You can always come back here and get assistance if you need.