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I am creating a report in Reports Builder. I’m making about 30 slicers in the report but I’m having a problem with one of them. This is a column with id_produkt. There are approximately 5 million unique entries in this column. The Paginated Report works by loading all elements in the “fragmentator” visualization, which puts a heavy load on the Power BI tenant, which makes the entire report run very slowly.

How should I create a slicer in .rdl that will have the option to search for a specific produkt_id?

Hi @Harris ,

To create an efficient slicer in your .rdl report for searching a specific produkt_id:

  1. Create a Parameter:
  • Add a parameter named ProduktIDSearch (Text type) to your report.
  1. Modify the Dataset Query:
sqlCopy codeSELECT produkt_id, other_columnsFROM YourTableWHERE (@ProduktIDSearch IS NULL OR produkt_id LIKE '%' + @ProduktIDSearch + '%')
  1. Add a Parameter Input Field:
  • Add an input field in the report layout for ProduktIDSearch.
  1. Configure the Slicer:
  • Bind the slicer to the filtered dataset using the ProduktIDSearch parameter.

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