Filter table with dynamic condition


Can I filter a table based on something which is already in table? for e.g.:
Here I have core customers (core customers are defined as all the customers which lead up to 80% of the total sales). Last customer which constitutes about 80% of the overall sales is 350799 with sales amount $25,521.

Now I want to see only these customers until 350799 (basically list of core customers), nothing below that because users want to export this list to excel.

I have tried different filters on the filter pan but it doesn’t work. I thought of calculated column as well but that won’t be dynamic. Attached is the pbix.

Thanks in advance…



Sure – just apply the following filter condition to your visual in the filter panel and click apply.

Then you can click on the three dots in the filtered visual, choose export data and send the data to CSV, where it can be imported into Excel.

I hope this is helpful.

  • Brian
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thanks Brian! It works. I think when I tried it, it spin for a while so I thought it won’t work that way. It took a while but it worked.

thanks a lot!


Great – glad to hear that worked for you. It did spin for a little while, and I think I noticed in your file that you had applied it at the page level, rather than at the visual level, the former of which is more resource intensive when you have multiple visuals on the page.

  • Brian