Filter date tables with date value from other tables without relationship

Hi everybody,
I am struggeling with a topic. I have this model, which has a ‘Date Table’ and an ‘Item Table’. Both filtering the ‘Invoiced Transactions’ Table. The ‘Date Table’ has a relationship to the ‘Invoiced Transactions’ between the columns ‘Date’ and ‘Sales Date’ and the Item Table has a relationship to the ‘Invoiced Transactions’ table between the columns ‘Item’ and ‘Item’. I can’t change the relationships.

And I want to calculate the Sales after the product release date. I want to set the Product Release Date as beginning date value for the calculation of the Revenue past 3 month. So that I get the correct revenue after release.

Revenue past 3 month =
SUM(‘Invoiced Transactions’[Sales]),
DATEADD(‘Date Table’[Date],-3, MONTH))

Something like:
Revenue past 3 month =
SUM(‘Invoiced Transactions’[Sales]),
DATEADD(MAX(‘Item’[Product Release Date],-3, MONTH))

Can somebody help?

Calculating Sales from Product Release Date.pbix (63.9 KB)

Hi @Steven1
Did you mark the Date table as a date table? That might be your problem

I hope this helps.

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Hi Keith,
thanks for the answer. The key problem is the right formula. Mark the Date table change nothing.

Kind regards,

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