Filter current year but not prior year


I want to create a table of contract values - current active contract vs prior year contract where the contract has been renewed.

I think I’ve calculated the PY and variance correctly however when I filter the table for renewals only it also removes the contracts that weren’t renewals that make up the PY value

ie Contract A 2019 - 2020 Value £1000 is a new contract - it renews 2020-2021 £1200 and is marked as a renewal contract
Contract B is a new contract 2020-21

I want to calculate a table of renewals only ie
Contract Current £ PY £ Variance
Contract A 1200 1000 200

At the moment becuase I’m filtering on Renewal True/False it excludes the original contract A value

How can I fix this?

C Anal Test.pbix (177.1 KB)

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I believe that I have found the issue - you needed to be able to ignore the Renewal filter in the prior year measure:

Revised Contract PY =
CALCULATE( [Contract £ PY], ALL( testdata[Renewal] ))

updated copy of your PBIX is attached (see the page 2 tab for resolution)C Annual Test (updated).pbix (167.6 KB)

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Brilliant! - thank you Heather

always happy to help :slight_smile:
Sorry I didn’t see your issue sooner, I’ve been involved in some major non-PowerBi projects at work lately