Filter by top 3 issues for the quarter, but chart those issues over timechar

So it is the same as the top 3 selling products in the current selected quarter, but show those products sales over all time (or over the last 5 quarters) in a chart.

The top 3 issues (aka selling products) for Q4 2022 are #74, #47 and #71.

I want to show only the top 3 issues for the selected quarter in the slicer, but show the current and previous 4 quarters in chart like to the left.

Note: only show those issue type coming from the top 3 issue types from the selected quarter. So only chart issue 47, 71 and 74 over the last 5 quarters.

At the moment it is showing 26, 47 and 74 as they are the top 3 over all time.

Any assistance is appreciated.

pbix attached.
forum issues top 3 help.pbix (380.7 KB)

forum issues top 3 help.pbix (478.4 KB)

Amazing @AntrikshSharma. Thank you so much.
It is late now, but I will pull this apart tomorrow and learn how you did it.
Super impressed. :+1: :+1: :+1: