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In the video below you mention best to use Filter function in the Calculate function. Why is that when the calculate function has an implied filter. What are the benefits of using the filter function in the calculate function.

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I think you’ll find this helpful in answering your question:

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  • The FILTER function allows iterating through rows of any table.
  • Can use AND and OR functions.
  • Can nest one filter within another.
  • Can perform things CALCULATE can’t (as per my examples in the attached pbix file).

In the attached pbix file I provide 2 separate examples named Ex 1 and Ex 2. The 2 measures that show an error are intended to demonstrate what you can’t do with CALCULATE on its own vs what you can do using CALCULATE and the FILTER function together. (1.1 MB)

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Hi @ElizabethTachjian, you may also want to check this video where Sam talked about Simple and advanced filters with CALCULATE using FILTER function. You might get additional tips here.

Thank you that makes sense.

Thank you. Will do .