Filter and Calculate causing issues but here comes ChatGPT

Great example of the power of AI. I was having difficulty on why this simple measure was not working and it had to do with calculate and filter context. They gave me a different alternative.

This is just sharing of results.

Welcome, @ysherriff! Thank you for sharing your journey and experience with ChatGPT in successfully resolving a DAX performance issue on the Community Forum. It’s great to hear that you were successful! However, could you please add a note to the forum post indicating that it is not a question but rather a sharing of the ChatGPT session transcript so that others can benefit from your work? Additionally, kindly update the Forum Post Category from DAX Dax Calculations to ChatGPT for clarity on the context of the forum post, and mark the post as a Solution so that this is clear as well.

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link broken

Impressive demonstration of ChatGPT AI’s problem-solving abilities. Could you share more about the alternative solution they provided?