Figure out the number of events happened between the selected date, time (in ms) filters

Dear PBI Experts,

Can I please get some help for datetime issue ? I am working for a call centre → power bi report in my remote machine. Literally struck with the date, time filters. Please find the details below.

Scenario: User would be able to select the date from and to using date filter (preferably between option) and for the time they need hour, minute, second and ms slicers to filter and get the total events by milliseconds level.

I have tried to give these slicers but those are not friendly to select the end hour/minute less than the start hour.E.g., USer wants to see the number of events happened between 1/11/2021 6:15:48 AM to 02/11/2021 2:10:38 AM . I have only one datetime column which specifies the event datetime.

Looking for an option to select the date range, hour range, minute range and second ranges as the slicers. When the user selects a date range they should be able to filter the hours, minutes and seconds Can someone please give some idea ?

Thanks in advance.


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