Fabric and PBI Alerts

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I have a client that I developed a set of Reports and an App for and they want to get alerts / notifications when certain metrics (card/gauge) hit a threshold.

This was always pretty easy in the past. Now it seems like I have to sign up for Fabric capacity license (after the trial) and then pay for the notifications.

It appears that the alerts are sent using the Data Activator service that comes with a Fabric capacity license.

Have I gone down the wrong path here or is this how it is now done? Any guidance will be welcome. An overview of how PBI and Fabric work together would also be very useful.

Thanks in advance.


Just wondering, isn’t it still possible to pin those visuals on a dashboard in the Power BI Service and set up threshold triggers from there?

Hi @Melissa. I tried that but the option to add triggers on dashboards seems to have disappeared and migrated to Reports. Unless it is a global admin setting that I have not enabled but don’t think so.

Hi @Melissa. I found the user problem (mine) :grin:

…I had pinned an entire page to the dashboard and you cannot put alerts on that but as you said - it works fine on individual tiles that are pinned.

After some more digging I found that the ability to put alerts and notifications on Reports and Apps is subject to the workspace that the report / data model is on being on Fabric premium capacity. Once assigned to fabric premium capacity you use the Fabric Data Activator to enable the alert. It seems that this could be a better way to get alerts done as it does not require a dashboard to be created and maintained just for the alerts. I activated using Fabric Trial - will see what the Fabric Pay as you go costing is like.

Attached a Guy in a Cube video explaining Data Activator.
Data Activator in Fabric

And this useful video explaining Fabric.
Fabric Intro Video

Glad it is resolved and thank you for the update!