Export to PDF is Skipping Pages

Our client reports are 12 pages/slides. On all 12 pages we have imported a gif image and used it as background to the page. When Exporting to PDF, there are times when one of the last 3 pages is skipped in the Export. The Report has a live connection to the Data Set. Has anyone else experienced this problem and how can it be resolved?


I have not had the exact same issue however i have had issues where certain pages are incomplete as opposed to skip. There are a couple of things that you could try:

  1. Try a different Web browser-
  2. On the report in the view pane change to “Fit to page” and save as a new report then export this to PDF.

Hope this helps.


Hi, I export PDF pages on a weekly basis and never had an issue. Where I have a background, this would either be a PNG or JPG, as I’ve never used GIF Format. I wonder if the issues is because its as a live connection to a dataset, I assume this is a streaming dataset, so the issue could be that the page is updating when the PDF is being created. Maybe something to raise with MS direct as part of your PRO BI License.


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